Monday, 18 May 2009

Latest Ticket Information - 18/05/09, 4.15pm

A limited number of the following Festival tickets will be available online from 12.30pm on Tuesday 19 May:

Full Festival tickets, City residents Full Festival tickets, City residents Friday tickets, Friday and Sunday day tickets, Children 0 - 4 tickets and Children 5 - 13 tickets.

Please go to to book tickets


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Anonymous said...

Apologies for that: just checking my OpenID.

I think the ticket situation is a real mess. I see, for example, that nearly two hours after the next batch went on sale, there are still tickets for most categories, including the usually sought-after Cherry Hinton camping.

Firstly, I can't understand why the previous few years' ``return up until July'' policy has ceased. It makes touting at least vaguely less attractive for the casual festival go-er, it provides a supply of tickets for late bookers and it generally seems like `the right thing to do'.

Secondly, it seems odd that seetickets made a mess of it (my wife tried to get tickets three times and was failed each time, by which time they'd sold out, and she finally got us tickets by phone later on Sunday). Seetickets are also dealing with Glastonbury, which has been simplicity itself, is fifteen times the size and has the requirement to pre-register and to print photographs on the face of each ticket (I know it works, because mine, with photo, arrived last week).

Thirdly, web sites that fail part way through are just farcical in 2009. This is the third year of online booking, and it's been less than smooth each time. Yes, Cambridge perhaps has a higher ration of prospective bookers to actual tickets compared to other festivals, but it can't be beyond the wit of man to at least have successful transaction succeed unambiguously.

There's not a good answer, of course. Providing year-to-year booking makes it inaccessible to new attendees. Providing a deposit mechanism, a la Glastonbury, would just make deposit day as frenetic as ticket day (Glastonbury has a lot more tickets, and there are 150K+ people prepared to put fifty quid down in advance of the whiff of a bill). But it does all seem needlessly chaotic...

james.phillips said...

Anybody need a lift from Central London to Coldhams Common.Almost certainly have to miss Thurs eve but otherwise Fri am to Mon am. Small contribution wouldn't go amiss! James, London.

Linda said...

I have two all day friday tickets for sale if anyone wants them, selling at face value e mail me at

Peter said...

If you bought your tickets online, don't bother going in to the box office to try to pick them up. Despite what it says on the confirmation email, you won't be allowed to, and they will alll be sent out in the post. Can't help thinking this doesn't exactly fit with the "environmentally friendly" image.

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