Thursday, 18 June 2009

Six weeks to go!

OK, we are now starting to get a little bit excited - there's just six weeks to go til The Co-operative Cambridge Folk Festival opens its, OK, opens its gates for what promises to be another great year.

We are interested to know (a) what you think the highlight will be this year and (b) if you've been to any of the previous 44 years, what your personal favourite moment has been to date - why not let us know by replying/commeting on this blog.

It's a tough old year for Festivals at the moment but we are delighted to say that we have now sold approximately 97% of all available tickets for the event. There are still a few weekend tickets left, and the odd sat / Sun ticket available but they will certainly be all gone in the next few weeks so if you haven't already got a ticket or know friends that want them the advice is to get in quick.

So, 6 weeks to go...we're gonna start counting in the office now. Here goes...1, 2, 3, 4, 5...oh HURRRRRRRY UUUUUUPPPPPP!!!


jonnogael said...

Looking forward to seeing Paul Brady, I think it will be my highlight. Been going for a very long time, seen lots of changes, not all for the best but times change. Had expected to see some sort of concession for pensioners, can't be too many of us going. My personal highlight was seeing the seven surviving(sadly Ronnie now gone as well) Dubliners perform in the middle of a thunderstorm, a year to remember for me

Peter said...

We've been to the festival for many years now, but possibly the best thing we've ever seen in all that time was Bellowhead's Sunday closing set on Stage 2 a couple of years ago now. It was stunning. Looking forward to seeing them again this year. Please don't let their timing clash with Edward II... And maybe what we're most looking forward to this year is Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings, doing Boden's excellent new album.
Slightly disappointed you haven't got Wheeler Street coming this year. They did a fantastic set in the Club Tent last year, think they deserve a bigger stage.

Harperolocito said...

Lucinda Williams does it for me. I have been tempted for years, but this was the year! Also looking forward to the return of Edward II and all the Watersons. Eliza Carthy dwells in the same heaven as Lucinda Williams for me

Anonymous said...

I've been going since many highlights ...The Waifs playing a packed club tent the first time they were here. Seth Lakeman who's career I have followed since he was a youngster finally taking Mainstage and blowing the place apart... very proud moment! Bellowhead finishing the festival a couple of years back, it took 2 days to recover from that, what a many more.

This year It has to be Edward II without a doubt, I have been waiting years for this day !! and if reports from friends who went to the Big Session are anything to go by it's going to be special!

Jeremy said...

Just discovered hidden away at the bottom of the information page that effectively there are no showers for Cherry Hinton campers this year! Maybe I'm getting old and soft but this is not a good thing.

Surely it's not beyond the bounds of possibility or cost even now to have say four shower caravans similar to those they use elsewhere at festivals like Green Man in the old drop off area at St Bedes and run them from the school supplies?

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