Thursday, 30 July 2009

Festival welcomes first customers

At 12 noon exactly the Festival opened the arena for the first customers to come in. Weather wise, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Frankly, we don't know whether to wear T shirts, coats, or even diving gear for the odd downpour. Hrumph! It's not putting off the Festival-goers though who are pitching tents with gusto and already checking the shops and...yes, the bars!

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festivalfairy said...

Well I for one didn't feel particularly welcome. My experience is that over the 21 years I have been coming to the festival, and since Cambridge City Council took over the organisation in particular, they have managed to make it more difficult for the attendees to get onto the site and set up. In the good old days we could arrive anytime after 7 am drive onto the site and dump the stuff out of the car before taking it round to the car park. Of course I was 21 years younger then. 21 years later with all the restrictions and hoo ha surrounding a 10 am opening it is all too difficult. It is impossible to carry everythin from the car park so parking is the first obstacle. Then it is carrying the necessities to the gate and sitting it out until they open. This year we had the rediculous situation of being told that the top gate would not be open until 11 am - why? No reasonable explanation was given, but people were being allowed to risk life and limb climing the gate in order to claim ther pitch - how rediculous. If after paying in excess of £150 for a ticket this is the treatment I receive then i don't call it very welcoming. My view is that all these petty rules and pedants for stewards are killing the festival. I suspect it may be Trowbridge for me next year.

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