Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The grass is always greener...

Yes folks, this is what Cherry Hinton Hall looked like just a few days ago. The team are now busily working to get the site ready for the festival which starts in only 8 days time! Hope you are all looking forward to it.


Nicki Trench Blog said...

Can anyone help! I'm trying to contact someone to get some information about camping. I have a camping pass, but need to check if I need to buy extra space for my tent which is 4.2m diameter (round tent). Any help appreciated. Thanks

T said...

Hi Nicki

At Coldham's Common they don't mind too much. But if you're at Cherry Hinton, you may find yourself being shifted off to "the other side" if you're not careful. From the Cambs website:

"Cherry Hinton Hall Campsite sells out extremely quickly. You must purchase sufficient camping space for the size of your tent or you may be moved to Coldhams Common Campsite."

Either take your chance and hope no-one measures you or 'fess up to the ticket guys on entrance.

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