Monday, 27 July 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow...

It's a little bit wet in Cambridge today, but we're hopeful the weather will brighten up in time for the weekend (the five-day forecast is looking OK at the moment - fingers crossed it stay that way!)

Everything's a bit frantic here. We're all involved in last minute preparations for the Festival, writing lists upon lists and having meeting after meeting, to make sure this year is as great as the last 44! We just can't wait for it all to kick off, it's so exciting.

Why don't you comment below and let us know what you're most looking forward to at this year's folk Fest...?


Vigi said...

Looking forward to seeing Booker T.

The Stax man is a proper legend.

Bring it on . . . . :-)

David said...
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David said...

Looking forward to the acts I am not familiar with - there is always at least one that blows me away..... plus seeing Martin Simpson play is always great.
Counting down the hours....

YMA said...

Having done Glasto, worked at leeds and reading festivals over the years, i'm having a change of tempo this year, i have been to whitby folk week but still have a few burning questions that aren't answered by this copious site..
1, We will be camping on coldhams common, how far is this ( walking time) from the main arena?
2, I have heard tell of quality ale available on the site.. is this true?
3, Are small family barbeques forbiden at your tent.. even if you invite your neighbours?

I hope some experienced cambridge goer can enlighten me..

Note to web site bosses.. a full festival site map on the website would be a big help to cambridge virgins.. i know / presume there will be one on the programme...

May the sun shine on us all..

Anonymous said...

Lovely Photo of Mainsatge :).


Coldhams common to the main site is a bit of a trek it's about a 20 minute walk . There are regular shuttle buses from Coldhams Common .

BBQS ...not sure about Coldhams common, but the main campsite there are BBQ areas dotted around .

I Can't wait to See Bellowhead and Edward II... I recommend seeing Megson on Sunday in the Club tent- outstanding musicians !

Anonymous said...

YMA. No need to worry about walking from Coldhams Common to the Arena. Tehre is a regular free shuttle bus service.

For BBQs there is an are you can light one but not near your tent. The grass is fairly long and if it is dry a small BBQ mishap could have major consequences quite easily.

Not a drinker myself but I underrstand the beer selection is good. To save on the amount of plastic waste they introduced a deposit on re usable beer glasses that are much more substantial than the usual disposable jobs and the difference in waste was staggeringly obvious.

Yes there is a map on the programme although not to worry getting lost won't be an issue.

Other snippets, There is a Sainsburys just down the road from Coldhams and they are very geared up to the festival campers needs. There is also a Co-op shop on the camp site that does not have super inflated festival prices. All your essentials and daily papers are available here.

You can get your wristband and a programme on Coldhams camp site once you have pitched your tent which will give you good time to peruse before heading to the main site.

I hope you enjoy your first Cambridge Experience.

Baz said...

Leaving From Whitehead Northern Ireland 6am Friday morning. Lucinda Williams is the big draw for me. First time for my wife and I. having watched previous festivals on tv I know it will be full of wonderful surprises. Also looking forward to Los Lobos. Jim Moray is a must see and Bellowhead? I reserve judgement though I do love to see musical boundries being pushed.
Barry N.I.

pickles said...

how far is car park from tents on coldham common site,just trying to sort what ill need .cheers

YMA said...

Pabro. Bonito, thank you kindly for the info, name your place and time and bonito can have a pint thust into his hand.. Pabro will have to be content with a lemonade.
Pickles, from my undestanding of the regs at Coldham, you can park at the site of your tent or very close to it.
For me, i'm looking forward to the Zutons, Saw doctors, Bellowhead but, as with all good festivals, i'm sure sure that a performer on a minor stage that i haven't heard of will blow me away

Cheers for the help..

David B said...

Hi Pickles,
At Coldhams Common you park next to your tent, which is a major selling point when you camp with as much stuff as we do. Also useful for 12V hookup to save torch batteries.

David B said...

BTW - Bellowhead definitely the highlight for us. Kids (3 and 6), wife and I all think they're great. Check out their BBC Proms 2008 performance on YouTube to get a taster. We recently bought their DVD which is smashing too. This will be our first chance to see them live. Disco sea shanty anyone?

Peter said...

Bellowhead live are a never-to-be-forgotten experience. Their Sunday night closing set on Stage 2 a couple of years ago was quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen in many years of the festival. So looking forward to them again. They'd better not clash with Edward II, or I shall probably cry.
I'd also highly recommend Jon Boden with the Remnant Kings. Check out his new solo CD, it is wonderful.

Hannah.Mckinnon said...

I am so excited about this festival - I'm a Cambridge virgin and i'm so used to doing much more commercial festivals - from reading the write ups i'm looking forward to seeing Bellowhead - even though i've never heard of them! Also Booker T is a must for me - such a legend!!

Anonymous said...

Peter Don't say that.... :O I hope EII and Bellowhead don't clash !!! I have waited 10 years to see EII again still one of my favorite festival bands of all time.
I agree about the Stage 2 set from Bellowhead , Me and my 5 friends collapsed after , don't think I have danced so much , what a party !
YMA , Get yerself a CFF Tankard, I am partial to a festival ale BTW :) .Have a great time , The Club tent is worth checking out, each day it is hosted by local folk Clubs and people sign up for a 15 minute slot, so if you play , have a go , plus they have showcases and some surprises. Best one was the Waifs a few years back the place was rammed.

Peter said...

pabro, yes, we too have waited a long time to see E II again, and it's especially exciting as we never thought it would happen.
We try to spend some time in the Club Tent each year, though as the weekend goes on it gets more difficult to get in there. I'd recommend it to any festival goer. And it's certainly worth checking out the showcases. Wheeler Street in the Club Tent were a highlight of last year's festival.
And it's also worth spending a bit of time in the Guinness tent. Some good little sessions get going there. And that's not to mention the beer.

Paul Meadows said...

I'm a Cambridge Virgin, so just the one question, can you park the car next to your tent on Coldhams Common, or do I have to resign myself to loading myself like a packhorse with tent, bag(s), food, beer etc to set up?

Paul Meadows said...

A-ha!! Just found the answer to my previous question anyway, Doh!! Anyhow, looking forward to a great weekend!!

The Co-operative Cambridge Folk Festival said...

Just to let you all know - we're now on Twitter! Please follow us - coopcamfolkfest.

And don't forget to use the hashtag #CFF09 when tweeting about the Festival!

The blog will still be the main way you can interact with us during the Festival, though, so don't forget to keep logging on to get backstage gossip and our take on all the goings on, plus loads of pictures.

Tweet to you soon!

bh.subs said...

Been to Cambridge Folk Festival for quite a few years now. The thing I look forward to is the pub crawl round Canbrideg of Thursda, the finding acts I have never heard of, the good music (which happens any way) and the good beer:-)

T said...

Note for anyone struggling to find the Tweeting: it doesn't seem possible to find the account via the "Find People" box - but you can Google coopcamfolkfest and Twitter and follow via the link there!

Julia said...

I think the recently added banner 'No chairs allowed in the arena' should be changed to 'No chairs in the stage tents'. Im sorry but Im not paying £300 to sit on the bones of my butt on wet grass for 4 days!. Its about common sense and consideration. We get more and more restrictions for less and less :(

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Julia. In recent years I have brought a little sun shade tent and tucked our selves in a corner to avoid being in peoples way to protect my child from the sun. If those with children want to bring a shelter and tuck in out of the way what's the problem? Rather that than miserable/upset overheated and burnt children. My boy is older now so we don't need that protection as much so will be bringing a chair each this year.

I think people are bringing more onto the festival site because we haven't been so lucky in recent years and people are bring stuff with them to shelter from the rain.

I just hope there aren't too many jobsworth stewards this year.

If you click on the banner it takes you to further info that says chairs are allowed. Actually I think someone sat on a folding chair takes up considerably less room than someone sitting or lying on a blanket.

As you say it's about common sense and consideration.

Anonymous said...

My first Cambridge was way back in 1973, and I've not missed more than half a dozen since then.
To first timers: Welcome - you'll have a great time.
You can take in your own beer/wine if you prefer - none of those stuffy rules you get at most festivals - but bar prices on site are also very reasonable.
Coldham's a great family site. Make sure you check out the catering tent at the end of the night, when it turns into a great showcase for amateur/unheralded acts that provide a perfect end to the evening.

Tom the Piper's Son said...

Ha! My first and ONLY (being stuck here in the U.S.)visit to the festival was in 1973. One of the great memories of my life - Planxty, Sandy Denny, Davy Graham, John Prine, Stephane Grappelly....jeezz!
I had a guitar and traded off playing Bert Jansch tunes with a Norwegian kid......
So nice to have found this site!

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