Saturday, 1 August 2009

Beth plays a blinder, but the heavens open!

Arriving on stage a few minutes late, Texan singer, songwriter Beth Neilsen Chapman told the crowd that she had been waiting to play the Cambridge Folk Festival since she was 10 years old and that she was so pleased to be here. And pleased we were to have her. A moving and rousing set left a deep impression hampered only the clouds opening during the last 10 minutes in what can only be described as a 'mini-monsoon'.

Whilst unberellas opened and those without darted for cover, Beth was unswayed delivering a perfect Festival set. Sorry about the weather Beth - and so pleased you finally got your wish to play Cambridge.


Helen said...

There's no apostrophe in 'heavens'!

Helen said...


Vincent said...

I have seen BNC a couple of times previously. She was good but can do better. A few more of her more popular songs would have been apprecaited. Her band and backing vocals were good.

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