Sunday, 2 August 2009

Paul Brady rocks Stage 1

Paul Brady played to an audience of eagerly anticipating fans. The Irish singer-songwriter took the stage with his rock style to the cheering crowd


Steve said...

I must admit I found his set a disappointment - his own songs (some of which admittedly I quite like) with a too-loud rock backing. Paul is an excellent interpreter of traditional songs, but I waited in vain for "The Lakes of Ponchartrain" or "Arthur McBride", especially as this is meant to be a folk festival - just a couple of trad songs wouldn't have been too much to ask. I would have done better to migrate to the CLub Tent with my wife and listen to the New Rope String Band.

bijal_beebee said...

I was really looking forward to Paul Brady's set as I've never seen him perform before and his CD's that I've heard as well as the covers of his songs I've thought were brilliant. However...I was disappointed. It sounded like middle of the road music.

Vincent said...

I enjoyed what I heard although the bass was very loud and this detracted from the enjoyment of the rest of the sound. It was unfortunate that PB's performance was at exactly the same time as Imelda May on Stage 2. We took turns to alternate between both.

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