Sunday, 2 August 2009

Guest blog from the Beeb!

Hi there - it's Clare from the Radio 2 interactive team - enjoying my third festival and happy to be sat here blogging once again and watching the stars of the folk world wander past (as Martin Simpson just did).

Talking of Martin - you can (for the next few weeks) watch 3 songs and look at photos and the setlist from his stunning set yesterday and please do add your comments if you were there to see him. He's a personal favourite of mine - I have to have a hanky handy for Never Any Good and I know I'm not alone!

We're gradually adding video now - so keep checking in. And if you're reading this within the next few weeks, get yourself to the Radio 2 Cambridge Festival site right now and watch all the highlights while they're still available.

And best of all - the video of Jon Boden's 'surprise gig' is now live. Don't miss it - it was one of those great moments when it all falls into place and the music just flows.

Ah, there's Cara Dillon wandering past with a double buggy - a song from her lovely performance is due online very soon.

Off to prepare to dance in the mud to Lau. Hurrah!

Clare - and the Radio 2 Interactive Team

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