Sunday, 2 August 2009

Treacherous Orchestra close the Festival in style!

Closing the Festival this year was The Treacherous Orchestra - they're mad!

The thirteen young, Scottish folkers whipped the audience up into a frenzy of waving hands, jumping bodies, and dancing feet with their crazy dance music!

Using a managerie of instruments, the band created the the perfect atmosphere to end the Festival - not that anyone wanted it to end.

As we write the revellers are still milling around Cherry Hinton Hall, making music of their own (some good, some very bad - we blame the real ale!) and it looks like they'll be continuing the party into the wee small hours of the night!


Vincent said...

A bit too chaotic for me. I'm sure the musicians are all very good but when they are all playing at full belt it is hard to hear anything other than a wall of noise. They were lively but after a few numbers we went to see Watermelon Slim and were impressed by him and his small tight knit band.

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